Contextual Advertising.

The first visitors in an hour after launch of an advertising campaign? It is easy!
How to bring visitors to your


, who would be really interested in your product or services? It is easy - just "catch" them when they are


. And

contextual advertising

is the best way to fulfill this task.

Contextual Advertising

The essence of this method of product or

service promotion

is that


are displayed in response to search words in

search engines

results or on websites with content related to the

promoted product

. For example, your advertisement for sale of LCD monitors will be shown to those persons who have entered "


monitor" in a search box, or it can appear on pages of a forum dedicated to modern computer equipment.
In comparison with other


methods the probability of that a visitor, who clicks through a

contextual ad

to the

advertiser website

, will use the

advertiser services

or buy products is the most high.

The main advantages of contextual advertising are

  • - Prompt start. Immediately on the beginning of an advertising campaign the fist visitors are attracted.
  • - You pay only for clicks-through to your website, not for duration of your advertising campaign.
  • - Possibility to target users based on specific geographic location: regions, cities.
  • - Possibility to set specific time for exposure of ads.
  • - Flexible advertising campaign that allows making changes in ads promptly.

And the most important is that a user considers ads not as bothering advertising, but as really helpful information.

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contextual ads

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