Flash Advertising.

No way to miss it!
Flash advertising is one of the most effective advertising products, created with the help of flash-animation technology. There are flash-banners and flash-spots among the most frequently used types of flash-advertising.
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There is no way to miss a banner made by flash technology - it is colorful, easy to memorize, aggressive, prominent, even obtrusive, but there lies its main advantage - the ability to make a brand, a unique company image recognizable.
Flash-banners placed on pages of corresponding sites make it possible to sort out the target audience and to increase site attendance by the target audience, attracting it with a colorful banner.


Another type of flash-advertising is a flash-animation, performed as a flash-spot. Standard length of such a spot is 30-40 seconds showing a dynamic commercial film. Besides animation the spot contains text and audio information and thus affects all sensory receptors of a prospective customer.
Nowadays, when the amount of advertising has increased to an enormous extent, it is important to make demands of creativity of an advertising product. Flash-spot that has comic effect and is witty, dynamic, and bright will attract a considerable audience to your site or services and products.