Website targeting. It has become easier to work with target audience!

This technology is another variant of topic targeting. The main difference lies in possibility to select more specific criteria for identification of target audience by elimination of websites from a list of advertising spaces.

You may need such elimination if your site or product is narrow-purpose. Suppose you need to organize promotion of off-road vehicles. This product is just one of various types of vehicles that include cars for holidays and trailers, hybrid cars and cars on alternative fuel, goods transport, sport cars, luxury cars, bicycles, and others.

Of course there is no point in promotion of off-road vehicles on websites dedicated to hybrid or retro cars. Website targeting system allows of eliminating those sites and domains that are focused on other target audience. Thus targeting becomes pointed and that means more effective.

Besides the function of elimination of those sites and domains that don't correspond to targeting criteria, we have provided for possibility of required advertising spaces selection. You can perform both direct targeting, indicating the websites and domains that relate to the promoted product, and indirect targeting.

Suppose your promoted production is bicycles. In such a case it would make sense to turn to sites that indirectly relate to the topic. These may include sites, dedicated to hiking, camping, family holidays, healthy life-style, etc.

Website targeting system is very effective. Your ads won't lie dormant on pages that are not related to a specific subject or not connected with your business, and have low effectiveness.

People Group ensures that your ad will find those who are interested in it!