Your advertisement will reach those who are interested in it!

Our system is seeking to push up sales and website ratings. Topic targeting is one of the most effectual tools of reaching this goal.

The essence of this technique is simple. Suppose there are two sites "А" and "В". The target audience of the first is youth, and of the second pensioners. There is also a company - "C", that sells diverse advance technology production and needs to promote it in the Internet. It is obvious that new models of mobile phones are interesting mainly for young people, while electronic tonometers for elderly people.

It is logical to assume that the most effective way of product promotion for "C" company would be placing of corresponding ads on websites with specific topic orientation.

The given example concerns topic targeting, the principal criteria of which are social and demographic characteristics of the target audience. We also use other target indicators in our work for website and production promotion:

  • - Level of income
  • - Sex
  • - Occupation, profession
  • - Belonging to a definite social group
  • - Nationality
  • - Interests, hobbies
  • - Proprietors of different ownership forms
  • - Place of residence
  • - Other narrow criteria

Topic targeting helps to expose your ads on websites with specified topic, that attract corresponding target audience interested in the narrow niche. It is not by chance that topic targeting technology became widespread all over the world.

We carry out topic targeting by the following steps:

  • - Identification of the target audience. This step is to make the description of a prospective customer: age (from - to), sex, profession, income level, etc.
  • - Consideration of habits and interests of the target audience when creating website design, structure and functional.
  • - Selection of advertising spaces, the visitors of which would belong to the identified target audience.

People Group has broad experience on the market of website and product promotion. We use only advanced techniques. And topic targeting is one of them.

We ensure that your ads will be shown to those people whom it is intended for!