Tracking advertising campaigns People Group with Google Analytics

With Google Analytics you can trace any of your advertising campaigns.

To make your campaigns visible in Google Analytics you need to turn on the function in Google Analytics "Account settings -> Tracking code -> Optional" and flag the line "Track online advertising campaigns of other providers".

Values applicable to People Group advertising network:
  • Source: "people_group";
  • Channel: "cpc" - if paid by clicks, "cpm" - if paid by impressions, "free" - free clicks
  • Campaigns: campaign names from your account;
  • Campaign content: domain of the website where the click-through took place;

To track campaigns in Google Analytics you need to go to the section "Traffic sources ->Campaigns", all advertising campaigns are shown in the mentioned section, including those of other providers. That is why we advise you to indicate the advertising system with names of advertising campaigns, as when you conduct several identical advertising campaigns in People Group, Yandex, and Google they can be mixed up in the report.

The parameter "campaign content" can be used to distinguish website groups within an advertising campaign.