Affiliate program

We invite all persons interested to take part in our bonus program. Earn from every user invited for site promotion by means of contextual advertising or for earning from a website. You will get 30% - 90% of the amount spent on website advertising or earned from a website by a user involved by you. The interest rate depends on number of involved partners, and number of active ads;

Привлекая инвесторов вы будете каждый час получать 1% от их депозитных начислений.

Our affiliate program is a unique offer in the Russian segment of the Internet. Cooperating with us you can earn daily profit from partners you involved before;

To start to cooperate with us you need to fulfill a simple signup procedure, after which you will get access to a link and will be able to start your work immediately. Promoting our site with means that suit you;

Our service has greater commercial potential and many technical advantages, as compared to other similar systems; you can receive the evidence on starting to cooperate with us;

Инвесторы получают повышенную процентную ставку !

Приобретая акции People Group, вы будете каждый час получать дивиденды от акций и иметь возможность получать повышенный процент дохода от партнерской программы.

При покупке:
от 1 000 акций ( 100$ ) - партнерское вознаграждение 40%
от 10 000 акций ( 1 000$ ) - партнерское вознаграждение 50%
от 50 000 акций ( 5 000$ ) - партнерское вознаграждение 70%
от 100 000 акций ( 10 000$ ) - партнерское вознаграждение 90%

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