Contextual advertising is your sideline.

Nowadays contextual advertising is a rather profitable way to raise money, it yields return not only to advertisers, but also to site owners. As advertisers get a stream of prospective customers, if their advertising campaign is conducted in the right way, and publishers get good enough everyday earnings, the amount of which depends on the traffic and topic orientation of the site, by placing contextual ads on their pages.
People Group concept of earning by contextual advertising is that ads usually correspond to the web page context. That is why the advertising is not taken as too obtrusive and the number of ad clicks increases. This type of advertising will yield more return than pop-up windows, redirection, or side ads that only bother visitors.
People Group experts have been working on advertising campaigns of this kind for a long time already. We provide an opportunity of constant and stable income. Even a site with low traffic can yield from USD 10 to USD 100 per month.
A site owner gets money for ads impressions or clicks-through to an advertiser site.
Contextual advertising is a good way to make money out of your own website!