Terms of service of advertising network
People Group

The stated below rules are obligatory for all participants of People Group advertising network.

People Group reserves the right to refuse any application without explaining the reasons. To avoid such a situation you should learn all terms of service and observe them in future.

To enter the advertising network a site must:

  • - have at least one visitor every day;

  • - be located on a free or paid hosting.

The following sites are not admitted to the advertising network:

  • - that have insulting content;

  • - that have inadequate information misleading users, as, for example, false data about products and services;

  • - that distribute scumware, viruses, Trojan horses, etc. to user computers

  • - that offer pay for viewing and/or clicking on text ads/banners or other types of advertising, pay for visiting sites, viewing mail, etc. as well as other similar types of earning in the Internet;

Ads should be placed on a site in agreement with the following rules:

  • - Ad exposure code of other classified advertising systems must not interfere with the work of People Group contextual advertising network code, and must not affect the displayed ads in any way;

  • - It is not allowed to place above People Group advertisements any phrases or images attracting attention to ad blocks such as <pay attention>, <our sponsors>, <click on the ad>, <support us>, <menu> etc.;

  • - It is prohibited to make direct or indirect searches, perform ad viewing or clicks on search result pages or/and on contextual pages (by your own or with the help of third parties) manually or/and with the help of any soft hardware, including without limitation any automatic means of reproduction of impressions and clicks (multiple clicks, using of soft robots, etc.);

  • - It is not allowed to change hyperlinks in ads, or to alter in any other way user redirection from ads indicated by People Group, to change or in other way interfere with user access to the pages (sites), to which the ad hyperlinks are leading by a click-through;

  • - It is strongly prohibited to edit, delete, or wind up People Group advertisements or a page that contains advertisements, as well as apply filters to them, change order, appearance or any other characteristics of imaging of ads on the approved advertising spaces.

Pay attention!

In case of violation of rules People Group advertising network reserves the right to stop ad exposure on the site and/or take other measures to protect our advertisers.